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Universal wall chargers

Forcell power adapters combine a modern design with top-quality manufacture, which have led to emergence of products performing well in most homes.


Thanks to Forcell adapters, you will forget about flat batteries! Exceptionally handy and light, they will fit any jacket pocket or backpack and remain at hand.


Forcell power adapters are sold in several variants: with a detachable or integrated cable and with single or double USB port allowing simultaneous charging of two devices.


Forcell power adapters fully comply with CE, LVD and RoHS standards. Additionally a special system secures them against overheating and voltage peaks, assuring failure-free use.


Forcell universal wall chargers:

  • Travel Charger for iPhone 8-pin + cable Forcell
  • Travel Charger USB Type C Universal 2A + cable Forcell
  • Travel Charger Micro USB Universal 1A Forcell
  • Travel Charger Micro USB Universal 2A Forcell
  • Travel Charger Micro USB Universal 1A + cable Forcell
  • Travel Charger NOK 6101/N71/N70/N75/N95 Forcell
  • Travel Charger Universal 1A with USB socket only Forcell
  • Travel Charger Universal 2A with 2xUSB socket Forcell