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MFI USB cable

Charging and data transmission cable. Dedicated to Apple devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad). It can be used in all devices with iOS.


The item holds MFI certificate, which means it satisfies Apple performance standards and can be used in all devices with iOS.


Forcell MFU cable is an all-purpose unit, thanks to which you will use it not only to charge the device but also transmit data. A compact structure of the product facilitates storage when not used.


Optimal cable length (1m) assures comfortable use and does not limit movements when charging.


Note! The accessories satisfying MFI certification requirements reported to Apple as sold/distributed by the manufacturer, including Forcell MFI cable, are available in the public base of authorized Lightning accessories.


Link to the base:


How to find Forcell MFI USB cable in Apple base?

  • Enter the link above.
  • In search criteria, select BRAND.
  • Enter “Forcell” in the neighboring field.
  • Confirm by clicking Search.
  • Done!


    Length: 100 cm

    Current: 2A (max.)

    Fabric: TPE