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Car chargers

Forcell car chargers combine unique patterns and top-quality electronics.


Forcell offers both variants with an integrated cable and without cable, chargers supporting quick charging function and traditional models.


As for car chargers with a Quick Charge feature, you have to make sure your device supports the above-stated function. If your device supports Quick Charge, it is advisable to use a suitable cable, that is the one which has a high current capacity.


The group of Forcell car chargers encompasses models with built-in connector, including the model with four pins, and variants without any cable.


The charger with several types of connectors allows simultaneous charging of a few various devices, while the charger without cable is universal; connection of cables with recommended terminal types assures it can be used as a basic or replacement charging item.


Super light and compact structure facilitates storage of the product in the glove box.


Forcell car chargers:

  • Forcell car charger 3in1 + USB (Micro + Lightning 8-pin + C type) 3,4A
  • Forcell car charger Quick Charging + PD 18W 2xUSB (USB 3.0 + USB C) 4A
  • Forcell car charger with USB port – 2,4A with Quick Charge 3.0