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Automatic car holder

Multi-function holder with a wireless charging function and infrared sensor – Forcell Smart Automatic.


The holder is equipped with INFRA-RED port which allows convenient placement of the device in the holder. This is thanks to the infrared sensor which detects the device and therefore releases and locks the clamps.


The holder can be attached to the grille and windscreen or smooth dashboard.


The set is equipped with a special holder with strong grip and anti-skidding surface, assuring stability when installing on the grille. The arm which attaches the set to the board can be adjusted at two levels and has a convenient fixing.


The item allows easy adjustment in the range of 360 degrees. Anti-skidding surface on the main part and clamps supports firm attachment of the phone.


The holder includes a compatible USB C cable.


Remember! To be able to fully use the holder, it is necessary that you connect it to the source of power permanently, e.g. car charger. We recommend chargers with a power of 2A.



Input: 9V1,67A 5V/2,0A

Output: 9V/1,2A 5V/1A

Transmission distance: < 8 mm

Conversion: > 73%